Court tells Uber to reinstate five UK drivers sacked by automated process

Uber has been ordered to reinstate five British drivers who were struck off from its ride-hailing app by robot technology. The five drivers, backed by the App Drivers & Couriers …

The ‘long Covid’ of work relations and the future of remote work

The pandemic made us all familiar with ‘social distancing’. Employers are starting to glimpse a future where ‘contractual distancing’ is progressively normalised. For all the suffering it wrought and the …

Travail forcé des Ouïgours : une plainte déposée en France contre quatre multinationales de l’habillement

Des ONG et une rescapée ouïgoure ont déposé plainte en France, vendredi 9 avril, contre quatre multinationales de l’habillement, accusées de tirer profit du travail forcé imposé à la minorité musulmane …


IMPORTER LA LIBERTÉ: Utiliser le U.S Tariff Act pour lutter contre le travail forcé dans les chaînes d’approvisionnement

“Un monde de plus en plus interconnecté a entraîné l’étalement des chaînes d’approvisionnement aux quatre coins de la planète. Mais quel est le coût humain de l’augmentation de la demande …

ILO Report: Working from Home – From Invisibility to decent work

“Though working from home has long been an important feature of the world of work, the institutions that govern the labour market are rarely designed with the home as a …

Crying Out for Justice: Wage Theft Against Migrant Workers during COVID-19

The pandemic has devastated the lives of many migrant workers across the globe, leaving many of them hopeless and with no options before them as they are left jobless and …

FIRED, THEN ROBBED Fashion brands’ complicity in wage theft during Covid-19

“The world’s garment workers have been among the hardest hit by the economic ravages of the coronavirus pandemic. Hours and wages have declined for many of those lucky enough to …

Mencap and Uber in the Supreme Court: Working Time Regulation in an Era of Casualisation

“In recent weeks, two long-awaited UK Supreme Court judgments have offered strikingly divergent reflections on the meaning and parameters of working time. In Uber, the Court held a group of private …

Uber’s UK U-turn: the exploitative gig economy employment model is not dead but it may be at an inflection point

“Under normal circumstances, any company making a bombastic declaration that it will partially respect a court decision would be met with a chorus of derision. Yet, Uber’s announcement on 16 March 2021 that …

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