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Bangladesh launches employment injury scheme for garment workers

Bangladesh’ ministry of labour and employment launched a pilot for an employment injury scheme in collaboration with the International Labour Organization. The scheme will cover the country’s four million ready-made …

European Unions and Employers sign historic deal

European trade unions and employers will tomorrow sign a work programme, including to negotiate a legally binding agreement on ‘Telework and right to disconnect’. ETUC, BusinessEurope, SGI Europe and SMEunited …

EU to sanction trade partners breaching labour, climate rules

EU trading partners who breach international labour standards or climate commitments, face being slapped with sanctions, under EU Commission proposals on Wednesday (22 June). “While our approach should remain centred …


Disrupting Cultural Norms Through Occupational Health and Safety: A Convention 190 Perspective

“Sexual harassment and cultural norms are inextricably linked. One need look no further than Cambodia’s Labour Law, which is not alone in conceptualising sexual harassment as a violation of female decency and …

Zero-hours contracts and English employment Law: Developments and possibilities

“The UK has seen a dramatic growth in precarious work over recent decades, including the amorphous category of ‘zero-hours contracts’ which are often regarded as a paradigm example of an …

Beyond Neoclassical Antitrust

In their recovery of the democracy-of-opportunity tradition of constitutional argument, Joseph Fishkin and William E. Forbath make a powerful case in favor of the affirmative governance obligations created by the …

Essential jobs, remote work and digital surveillance: Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic panopticon

An unprecedented COVID-19-induced explosion in digital surveillance has reconfigured power relationships in professional settings. This article critically concentrates on the interplay between technology-enabled intrusive monitoring and the augmentation of managerial …

State of Remedy 2021

The year 2021 marked another discouraging year in terms of remedy for complaints by communities and civil society under the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (Guidelines). Only 2 of the …

Workers’ rights: how a landmark UN decision on safety and health will actually affect employees

In what has been called the “biggest moment for workers’ rights in a quarter of a century”, the International Labour Organization (ILO) adopted a safe and healthy work environment as one of its …

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