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Uber Eats riders’ families launch legal battle for compensation after deaths

The transport union has launched legal proceedings in an attempt to force the NSW state insurer to pay compensation for the deaths of two Uber Eats riders who were killed …

Uber Eats cumple su amenaza y anuncia que volverá al modelo de autónomos a días del aniversario de la Ley Rider

Uber Eats ha cumplido su amenaza al Ministerio de Trabajo. La multinacional de repartos a domicilio ha mandado este lunes un correo electrónico a antiguos riders de la plataforma en el que comunica …

As temperatures rise, industries fight heat safeguards for workers

In the nearly two decades she has worked in South Florida’s plant nurseries, baking under greenhouse plastic covers, Sandra Ascencio has seen more than her share of misery. Ascencio remembers …

New issue of the Global Labour Rights Reporter


Ukraine could abandon key labour principle as part of EU drive

The Ukrainian government intends to abandon its long-held principle of consulting trade unions and employers’ associations over policy as part of the country’s drive to join the EU, draft plans …

The Flexibility to Be Paid in Chicken Sandwiches

Last week, a Chick-fil-A franchise in Hendersonville, North Carolina made news by asking for “volunteers” to work at the store’s drive-through window at a rate of five entrees (and zero dollars) …

European Court of Human Rights: Work-related Rights Fact Sheet

Updated Fact Sheet of cases on Work-Related Rights  

Wage Theft In Georgia: The Financial Impact of Labor Rights Violations

“Wage theft is one of the most prevalent labor rights violations in Georgia today, yet it remains mostly ignored in debates about labor policy. Indeed, the term “wage theft” (მოპარული …

The Boss Will See You Now

It may be tempting to see the Amazon surveillance as purely a warehouse problem, and surveillance-driven variable pay as purely a gig problem, but employers face no legal limit to …

The EU Commission’s proposal for a Directive on Platform Work: an overview.

“This article discusses the proposal for the EU Directive on Platform Work. While welcoming the proposal advanced by the Commission, it highlights some of its shortcomings and suggests more robust …

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