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Royal Parks workers bring landmark case over race and equal pay

A group of toilet cleaners and attendants for London’s most famous parks could be about to make legal history in the court of appeal by arguing that their outsourced contracts …

Congolese workers challenge mining companies in DRC courts

Hundreds of mining executives, investors and politicians gathered at Africa’s 2024 Mining Indaba in Cape Town this month to discuss “positive disruption” in the mining industry. The buzz left no doubt that …

A fixed-term worker must be informed of the reasons for the termination of his or her employment contract with a notice period where the provision of such information is required for a permanent worker

EU law precludes national legislation which allows an employer not to state the reasons for the termination of a fixed-term employment contract with a notice period although it is required …


CJEU / C-715/20

A Polish court is seised of a dispute between a worker employed under a fixed-term contract and his former employer. In accordance with national legislation, that employer terminated the contract …

Lessons from Latin America on the impact of platform cooperativism and collective bargaining on algorithmic management

“In recent years, the platform model of capitalism has spread throughout the world, exacerbating precariousness, informality and the delocalisation of labour relations wherever it goes. This in turn has created …

Algorithms of Resistance: The Everyday Fight against Platform Power

“How global workers, influencers, and activists develop tactics of algorithmic resistance by appropriating and repurposing the same algorithms that control our lives. Algorithms are all around us, permeating more and …

ILO Report: Realizing decent work in the platform economy

“The ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work, adopted by the International Labour Conference at its 108th Session (2019), calls on all ILO Member States to put in place …

Decent Work for displaced people: Lessons from the experiences of Venezuelan Migrant and Refugee workers in Colombia and Brazil

“Currently, all workers in Colombia and Brazil are facing enormous challenges to organize themselves at the workplace. For refugee and migrant workers without higher education or professional credentials, the obstacles …

Declaración de inconstitucionalidad de la Reforma Laboral de Milei [Declaration of unconstitutionality of Milei’s Labor Reform]

La Cámara Nacional de Apelaciones del Trabajo declaró la inconstitucionalidad de la reforma laboral del DNU de Milei La Cámara Nacional de Apelaciones del Trabajo declaró la inconstitucionalidad de la reforma …

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