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U.S. employers have gone from opposing international labor standards to hiding behind them. Now a complaint is trying to stop U.S.-style union busting from taking over the world

Earlier this month, a group of U.S. unions–the AFL-CIO, SEIU, and Workers United–filed a complaint with the International Labour Organization’s Committee on Freedom of Association. In the filing, they convincingly argue …

Court declares no work no pay legal for ASUU

Justice Benedict Kanpiq held that in line with section 43(1a) of the Trade Union Act, members of ASUU who participated in the 8 months long strike are not entitled to …

How to protect undocumented workers from exploitation

Then there are small but important legislation fixes to empower workers, such as a Massachusetts bill filed in the House by state Representative Tram Nguyen and in the state Senate by Senator Jamie Eldridge …

New issue of the Global Labour Rights Reporter


A just transition guaranteed by international law is within reach – here’s how

“In 2021, we argued that the core elements of any conceptualisation of a just transition is already well-rooted in international human rights law. We contended that a just transition should not be considered merely …

The Labor Standards Enforcement Toolbox: Introduction to Co-Enforcement

“CO-ENFORCEMENT: PARTNERING FOR BETTER OUTCOMES Research has demonstrated that low-wage workers in many high violation sectors do not file complaints anywhere near proportionate to their actual experiences of wage theft. …

Rights-Based Sanctions Procedures

“Federal agencies are increasingly interpreting international labor rights and imposing a wide array of economic and financial penalties, or “rights-based sanctions,” under various laws and regulations. Congress recently vested the …

Digitalisation in the Construction and Woodwork Sectors

“The study investigates the impact of digital technologies on workers in the construction and woodworking sectors and how trade unions are responding to these changes. To answer these questions, an …

ETUI Report on the social security rights of short-term third-country national migrant workers

“This report provides an overview of the ways in which EU and EEA Member States have regulated their social security frameworks in relation to short-term third-country national (TCN) migrant workers. …

Empowerment or Exploitation: Global Perspectives on Women’s Work in the Platform Economy

This signature volume of essays, part of a regular series curated and edited by the JustJobs Network, seeks to provide varying perspectives on the opportunities and challenges that technology, particularly …

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