Leaving no one behind in the city: ensuring just transitions for public transport workers

“There is a general consensus that cities and public transport will play a central role in the recovery from Covid-19. Some have called this the “urban opportunity”. From investments in …

Special report: Just transition – PUTTING PLANET, PEOPLE AND JOBS FIRST

Unions are at the forefront of the challenges the world is facing today. Income and wealth inequality are at historic levels, driving people to despair, anger and protest. Too many …

A socially just transition through the European Green Deal?

This Working Paper meant to provide a preliminary assessment of whether the European Green Deal constitutes a suitable policy framework to combine environmental and economic objectives with the pursuit of …

A Just and Fair Transition for Canadian Coal Power Workers and Communities

“With ten recommendations, this report provides advice on what we could include in a just transition plan for coal workers and communities. It also: provides a background and overview of …

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