May 21, 2024 | 9:00 AM Washington, DC time | 2:00 PM UK time | 6:30pm IST

We would like to invite you to the launch of our Issue Brief: “A Promise Not Realised: The Right to Non-Discrimination in Work and Employment” – a collaboration of the ILAW Network and Equal Rights Trust (ERT). This issue brief focuses on two main questions: (1) why does discrimination in the workplace persist despite the widespread adoption of laws and regulations that prohibit it? and (2) how can countries create enabling environments to effectively prevent workplace discrimination and remedy it when it occurs? The report seeks to answer these questions through legal analysis and stakeholder interviews focused on the implementation of the right to non-discrimination in six different countries.

This webinar will feature Jim Fitzgerald, who led and coordinated this research at ERT, as well as an international panel of experts to discuss the report’s findings and recommendations, and how we can do more to protect all workers from discrimination in the workplace.
Speakers include:

  • Jim Fitzgerald, Director, Equal Rights Trust
  • Nalini Nayak, General Secretary, Self-Employed Women’s Association Kerala
  • Leonardo Cardoso de Magalhães, Federal Public Defender General DPU – Brazil
  • Additional speakers and bios forthcoming