On September 5, 2022, Voices for Labour, Platform for Vendors in Uganda (PLAVU), Uganda Market and Allied Employees Union and Uganda Artisans and General Workers Union filed two cases with the Constitutional Court of Uganda to address violations of the rights of workers in the informal economy. The first case challenges the exclusion of workers in the informal economy from coverage under labour legislation in Uganda. While the Constitution guarantees the rights to freedom of association, equality and non-discrimination and safe, satisfactory and healthy conditions of work to every person, labour legislation applies only to “employees.” The pleadings in that case, which argue that exclusion of informal economy workers violates the Constitution, is available here. The second case challenges the eviction of street vendors from Kampala City without alternative means of livelihood, the violent and arbitrary manner in which the evictions were carried out, and the underlying legal provisions used to evict and harass street vendors, which prohibit vending without a license but do not provide transparent procedures to obtain a license or appeal denials. The pleadings, available here, argue this violates constitutional protections of the rights to life, satisfactory, safe and healthy working conditions, the ability to practice a lawful profession, trade or occupation, freedom from discrimination, access to information, and the right to just and fair proceedings.